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So, for awhile I didn't update this as I left VampireFreaks on hiatus and then made a whole new account when I came back. I wasn't sure if I was going to get back into designing or not, but I've decided that I should try and do so. I deleted all my past work from imgur and Minus and I'm currently only updating recent work that I've made since I rejoined back at the end of September. I'm still lacking in some parts, as far as content, but I'm working on getting more in there.

I'm currently still looking for good affiliates. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to add an affiliate application to this site anymore as they're a little hectic to keep up with. I think I'm just going to allow site owners to contact me via my Cbox and ask that way. If you want to be an affiliate, make sure to link your site when commenting about it so I can go check your stuff out and decide if I'd like to be affiliates. I'll consider everyone and I'm not sure picky, as long as your site looks good.

As far as real life updates: I started a new job at the end of September, I'm still in college and I'm going to the end of my first semester of my sophomore year. I'm so excited to be done for a bit so I can have a break. It'll be relieving. Totally not excited for my finals, though. I'll probably be less active on here until the semester ends just because of everything I'm having to do combined (school, work, VF, etc), but I will try my best to keep designing occasionally.

I do plan to offer my graphics and layouts on this website for money (obviously not much as I'm very rusty), but if I can manage to save up more money, it'll help. I'm struggling with bills, taking care of myself and my cat, my schooling, and everything else. I'm about to start selling some of my stuff just so I can make sure I have money. I haven't even been able to take my cat to the vet because of it, so I'm just hoping she's alright. I have noticed any odd signs, so I'm being very hopeful.

Anyways, if you want to be affiliates comment in my Cbox.. or if you just want to say hello!

Grand Opening, Coming Soon

Hi there! If you didn't see or hear already, I'm Kimberly. I'm going to be running this shindig once I get everything updated. I've only got the main coding added in as well as the affiliates page edited. I still have quite a bit to do and it may take me awhile, so bear with me on that.

First of all, I'd like to thank a great friend of mine, Jenn at brittlebonez for making this beautiful layout for me. It's so gorgeous and she helped me out when I had little to not inspiration in my own designing to make one. If you'd like to request from her, you can check out her webstore here!

Second, as the first page that I finished editing was my affiliates page, I was wondering if anyone would like to be my affiliate. I'm going to be adding an affiliate application in soon, however, I want to openly accept affiliates for now. Elite affiliates will be hand-picked or discussed between the person and I. The rest will go on the affiliates page in either banner or link form.

Leave me a comment in my Cbox if you're interested in being affiliates or you just want to stop to leave a message!

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Welcome to my website! This subdomain was created with the intent of providing a showcase, of the graphics I've made, for any individual who visits the site. If you have any questions, please click "contact me".


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